Water Bottle Free Event – About H20 Hydration Stations

During the Australian Open of Surfing, we’re taking a stand and eliminating all single-use plastic bottles for the week. Yes, sirree. 

So if you’re coming on down to the event, we ask that you buy or bring your own reusable water bottle as an alternative to single-use plastics and just fill up at any of the many Hurley H2O hydration stations.

All net profits will be contributed to our friends at Waves For Water to buy water filters for people around the world in need. Each filter costs only $50 but has the capacity to help 100 people receive access to water for five years! 

The hydration stations are just one small part of the greater Hurley H2O awareness program. Hurley’s a water borne company and let’s face it, there are some serious issues to do with water on this planet, so in 2008 Hurley started the program so that we all might make a difference.  

Check these quick facts about Hurley H2O:

Established: 2008
What: Combating water scarcity
Message: Clean water for everyone!
Partners: Waves For Water, Sumba Foundation, The Ecology Center (US).
Results: Helping provide access to clean water for 5.5 million people.  

One in six people in the world do not have access to clean water. We do, so let’s be responsible!