February 15 2012 | Posted in Art

Saul The wanderings of Saul. In a world less ordinary, a bit of satirical story this roaming bird has.  Straying from the flock at a ripe young age of wide-eyed stupidity, Saul understood, it is in the salty mix of all that is happening that life truly presents itself.   Not quite searching for who he is or what he may encounter, he isn’t in fact searching at all.  Saul is a wanderer with the best kind of motivation - he hasn’t got one. From here to there, he blindly finds a world of happenings, those we all only wish we had the wings to fly to. Who he is, and what he’s doing, we only wish we could tell you.  But if you spot him, know, he’s there for a reason, or maybe, just possibly not…it may just be that life, as it’s happening, is worth a gander.