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  • WEATHER: Cloudy
    WIND: Light
    UPDATED: Aug 18th at 5.30pm

Surfline Forecast - Saturday night, August 17th (local time)

18 August 2013 Posted in Forecast

The medium size SW swell that was showing on Friday will be followed by a similar size, mid period SW swell Saturday afternoon/evening and Sunday. Easing surf takes over on Monday. We continue to watch for a medium size or better South swell for Friday the 23rd, although wind may prove to be problematic.

SUNDAY 18th: Medium size, mid period SW swell
Swell/Surf: Head high to a couple feet overhead. Max sets during the day a couple notches larger.
Wind/Weather:  Light to moderate E/ESE trades 7-12kts.

MONDAY 19th: Decreasing, mid period SW swell. Strongest early.
Swell/Surf: Head high to 1-2’ overhead in the morning, trending down through the day.
Wind/Weather:  Moderate ESE trades, 10-15kts.

TUESDAY 20th: Leftover, shorter period SSW swell.
Swell/Surf: Waist-shoulder high with a few larger sets. Stay tuned.
Wind/Weather:  Easing E/ENE wind. Stay tuned.

WEDNESDAY 21st: Minor SSW/SW swell mix
Swell/Surf: Waist high with a few larger sets. Stay tuned.
Wind/Weather: Light ENE wind, possibly trending toward light/variable. Stay tuned.

THURSDAY 22nd: Minor SSW/SW swell mix in the AM; watching for building swell in the PM
Swell/Surf: Waist high with a few larger sets. Stay tuned.
Wind/Weather: Increasing E/SE wind in the afternoon. Stay tuned.

Swell/Surf Outlook

New, mid period SW swell will build in and peak on Sunday. Monday will see a decreasing trend in surf. This swell will set up similar size surf to what we saw on Friday with waves running from head high to a couple feet overhead. Max sets will be even larger.

Our next swell of significance is on track for Friday the 23rd (possibly building trend Thursday afternoon the 22nd and easing trend on Saturday the 24th). Forecast charts/models indicate that we’ll see a moderate strength storm develop off Antarctica in the next 24-48 hours, as well as another storm closer to Tahiti. If these respective storms behave as forecast, we would see a fairly solid swell peaking on Friday the 23rd with waves a few feet overhead and potentially larger.

One thing we will also want to monitor closely are wind and weather conditions for the swell on the 23rd. At this point it looks like we’ll see breezy SSE/SE trades, and possibly scattered showers, as the swell peaks. Stay tuned, we will continue monitor this and keep you posted.

Wind: Trades will return and gradually rebuild Monday (see day by day breakdown, above, for exact details). Easing wind takes over Tuesday and Wednesday, before SE trades rebuild later Thursday and look breezy by Friday. Stay tuned.

Please also note that we have a new, very high resolution wind model in place for Tahiti and the Teahupoo region. They can be accessed here and here, respectively.

The online version of this Official Forecast can be accessed here.

Next Update: Sunday afternoon, August 18th